Quick Update & Tech Issue

Feb 14, 2021 1:33 am


Hey there, writers,

If you're new to this list, you're probably wondering why there haven't been any new emails lately--fair! I did promise a newsletter every 2 weeks when you signed up.

As those subscribed prior to November know, my Mom died the Sunday before Thanksgiving. You can read a little about her, and what she meant to me in my writing journey, in this archived version of the message I sent to the list.

It's not yet been three months, and I've moved out of the stage where I'm holding it together because things have to get done. The memorial is over (via Zoom, for friends all over the world), we survived the holidays, and managed to keep functioning. Now I've moved on to a deep and abiding grief that continues to mess with my concentration and memory. If you're familiar with spoon theory, well, I have just enough spoons for a quiet day and that's it.

All of that to say that this list is on hiatus for a while. I don't know how long exactly, but at least through June. It will come back, just as my abilities to think and be creative will come back, but it's hard to be sure exactly when that will be.

If you're looking for content, you can check out the newsletter archive, or my blog. ...which brings me to the reason I'm writing now.

My website is temporarily down, which means the download link in the Monster Workbook is also down. The fix is in progress, and things should be sorted out within 48 hours. (Thank you, Anne, for letting me know there was a problem!)

If you've already signed up for them at Gumroad, you can still access them there or via your Gumroad "receipt" email.

If you haven't done that yet, and can't wait for the site to sort itself out, email me and let me know. Use bronwen.fleetwood@gmail.com, because my custom address is also impacted by the error.

So, what happens next?

Not a lot. I'll email this list sporadically, on an as-needed basis until I'm confident I can maintain a schedule.

Thank you a thousand times over for your patience with me. And extra thank you to the people who replied to my last email with condolences--I appreciate them so much. I wish I'd had enough wherewithal to reply immediately.

Have a wonderful weekend, and may the words come easy.





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