New Monster Novel stuff is coming! Eventually.

Sep 22, 2021 5:41 pm


Hey there, writers.

You joined this list on the promise that you would hear from me with regularity about writing and similar goings-on. Thank you. It’s an honor to be invited into your inbox.

So, uh, the last email to this list was in February--what gives?

What Happened?

My Mom died the Sunday before Thanksgiving 2020, of complications from multiple myeloma treatment. You can read a little about her, and what she meant to me in my writing journey, in this archived version of the message I sent to the list

Grief is a really weird beast. It’s a maelstrom of emotions that can also recede so you think you might be fine, but then something reminds you and you’re a mess again. (Most recently? Brussels sprouts.There’s no one here to relish the loose crispy leaves...) 

I anticipated that, but I had no idea grief would wreck my executive function--you know, the abilities to plan for the future, prioritize, and remember. The brain is defending itself by reducing stressors--you can’t get upset over old memories when you can’t even remember if you had breakfast today. All well and good while everything is raw, but mine has taken a long time to begin to recover. 

Are We Still on Hiatus?

Yes. I do not like making promises I can’t keep. I don’t know when we’ll resume our schedule, but I do hope to send sporadic emails when I have news or something worth sharing. 

Speaking of which, there’s some stuff I wanted to share.


Item #1 - I’m Beginning To Feel Creative Again

While sustained concentration can still be tough, my creative spark is coming back. At some point I’ll write about this weird head space where I couldn’t hold a whole plot in my head but ideas for new stories were pinging off pretty much everything I encountered. 

One of those ideas stuck, breathing new life into an old project, and it feels doable. Very, very slowly doable. It won’t be done anytime soon, but I can pick away at it. 


Item #2 - I have Monster Ideas

I’ve always wanted to do a follow-up to the Monster Novel Structure Workbook, I just wasn’t sure what that follow-up should be. It would have to be worthy of the title Monster, a solid successor. 

There are currently three ideas on the table, and right now I move between them. Most likely the first to be released will be whatever I can concentrate on, but I’d love to know what you think of them! Am I wasting my time on one, or is there a desperate need for another?

If you’re up for a short survey where all the questions are optional, I’d love to hear from you!

Answer Survey



Finally, thank you for hanging in here with me, and being interested to hear more from me. It’s been a weird ten months in the middle of a weird pandemic, historical era, etc. I wish I’d had the wherewithal to send these newsletters more often, but here we are. 


I hope that soon I’ll be able to return this list to its former glory(?) of interesting tidbits, craft tips, blog posts, and so on.  


If I don’t send again before the holidays, I hope you all have a marvelous time. 


All the best,




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