Welcome to the November Pack Some Snacks Newsletter!

November Pack Some Snacks Newsletter What's new?📢 Stay Updated with Journey Windrow's Latest News! 📢Journey Windrow's Substack and Facebook page are still going strong, keeping you connected to all the magical updates and adventures in her world!📚 Ex...

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Nov 05, 2023
Welcome to the October Pack Some Snacks Newsletter!

October Pack Some Snacks Newsletter What's new?Journey Windrow's Substack recently came into being for short-shorts that are second draft quality. Many of them come from my participation in a local writers group. Fun and free unless unless substack r...

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Oct 04, 2023
Welcome to the September Pack Some Snacks Newsletter!

September Pack Some Snacks Newsletter What I did over summer vacation.Isn't that the normal back to school assignment? My summer featured such highlights as: garden burned to a crisp by extreme heat, my soul dog crossing the rainbow bridge, and... I...

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Sep 05, 2023
Welcome to the August Pack Some Snacks Newsletter!

August Pack Some Snacks Newsletter Click here for your KU copy of Stone and BoneIn a world of grudges and peril, Mage Miranda Hunter faces down magical menace, risking everything to save others. Free Kindle DownloadBringing Home the Rain by Bob...

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Aug 05, 2023
Welcome to the July Pack Some Snacks Newsletter!

July Pack Some Snacks NewsletterThanks so much for dropping in for all the great offerings in the July newsletter!Here's a great offering from B.L Brown. Delve into the world of Shady Depths, a captivating C.R.O.W. novella available on Kindle Unlimit...

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Jul 02, 2023
Welcome to the June Pack Some Snacks Newsletter!

June Pack Some Snacks Newsletter!COVER REVEAL Embark on a heart-pounding journey as Miranda and her estranged mother venture into the heart of faery. With lives at stake and explosive magic in the air, failure is not an option in this captivating urb...

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May 26, 2023
May Pack Some Snacks Newsletter

Here's Your May Edition of Pack Some Snacks Newsletter!5++ star editorial review of The Reluctant Mage"The best urban fantasy I’ve ever read. Remember this author's name, for she is an up-and-comer in the publishing industry."Click here to read the f...

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May 05, 2023
April Pack Some Snacks Newsletter!

Happy April! May the Peeps be with you!At the bottom of this newsletter are links to:An author interviewFreebie science fiction reads Ghostly Demands, a story in the Mage of Boston Series.If you want to skip the author's answer to an often asked read...

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Apr 11, 2023