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Aug 05, 2023 3:53 pm

August Pack Some Snacks Newsletter

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In a world of grudges and peril, Mage Miranda Hunter faces down magical menace, risking everything to save others. 


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Bringing Home the Rain

by Bob McGough

I'm a huge fan and hope you will be too. This is now a 6 book series with 2 novellas in each book. Horror, Southern Gothic, "Methgician", Magic, Mayhem, cursing, drug use, and the hope of redemption.

This debut novel has two complete, interlinked novellas. The first involves our antihero Howard Marsh (Marsh) solving a terrifying mystery involving a circular drought in Jubal County. The second has Marsh on the trail a missing woman whose son once burned down a church.



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Lenny's Last Lure

In the seedy underworld of Boston, Mage-in-Charge Miranda Hunter embarks on a perilous mission, storming a vampire club to seek justice for the victims entangled in a web of drugs and blood. With relentless resolve, she confronts the Master Vampire. She's determined to dismantle the deadly schemes that lurk in the shadows. A dance of darkness unfolds, and Miranda will stop at nothing to bring justice to the fallen.

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