Welcome to the October Pack Some Snacks Newsletter!

Oct 04, 2023 4:56 am

October Pack Some Snacks Newsletter

What's new?

Journey Windrow's Substack recently came into being for short-shorts that are second draft quality. Many of them come from my participation in a local writers group. Fun and free unless unless substack requires money in the future. Random postings.

Books recently read:

Witch of the Lunar Order (UF) by Tara Davis (KU)

Girl Without a Chance (FBI/Police Procedural) (free)

Message in the Bones (Paranormal thriller) by Dawn Merriman (free)

I hope to launch Witches of Worth, a novella in the Miscalculated Magic Series in the middle of October. It covers the named born witches you've met in book one and two of the mage series. It's a little urban fantasy, a little hope punk, and a little paranormal romance. Watch for launch updates of this novella series on my Facebook page where I check in daily. And, yes, I'm working on Winds of Chaos, book 3 of the Mage of Boston Series.

Witch of the Lunar Order

Alchemist. Barista. Accidental thief? Nyssa searches for a way to contain her powers, but an experimental spell awakens more than just her magic.


This urban fantasy is a MUST READ. I was an ARC reader. DON'T MISS this incredible New Adult book. Magic. Mystery. Found friends. Heart stopping battles. Fantastic creatures in a different, modern world. KU. Word has it that it will free on October 6th as part of Free Fantasy For All.

The Pool

Free Short Story, ghostly Thriller. 1 hour read.


A family has arrived for their dream holiday in Florida. They are seeking adventures and sunshine. But their villa has a history and echoes of the past still linger…

October Short Story

Uncle Kieran Takes Charge

A prequel to the Mage of Boston Series told by Miranda's Uncle, Kieran Hedryn. This takes place after The Healer's Tale and Dumpster War.

Everybody needs an uncle like Kieran! 'Nuff said.


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