Idea to Course Income - Step by Step in 45 days.

Ready to challenge yourself and turn that idea into income?Get step-by-step guidance on how to create a digital product, design a sales system, and market to your audience. We’ll give you every tool you need with an extended 45-day free trial of Kaja...

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Jan 14, 2021
Why People Aren't Good At Seeing The Future

I was having a beer or two with a Family Attorney way back in 2003 in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was talking about how people are blind to their significant other leaving them. "When someone comes into my office and says they are planning to divorce the...

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Jan 07, 2021
Ph.D. in Corporate Strategy on 2021

I just asked a Ph.D. in Corporate Strategy what businesses should focus on for 2021.The answer is, "Survival.""Because survival prompts innovation. Necessity being the mother of invention and all that," he continued."For example... the restaurant dow...

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Dec 16, 2020
The Business Woman and the Garden Gnome

An entrepreneur was working in her office and got a little Zoom-fatigued, so she decided that a change of scenery would help lift her motivation and spirits.The co-working space had a little garden atrium downstairs, and with almost no one in the off...

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Dec 09, 2020
How I got stuck in an airport for 11.5 hours

Last weekend I travelled to Canada from outside Portland, Oregon.My parents live in southern Nova Scotia and had found a deal on a property we just couldn't pass up. Kari and I used our hustle and project-management skills to somehow manage to get ou...

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Dec 03, 2020
Learn Email Marketing (Cyber Monday Deal)

Everything you need to start a list, grow a list, and learn the strategies of email marketing with subject lines and entire emails you can "steal" and use as your own.Cyber Monday Deal, $250 off. Get it for just $49 with 100% money back guarantee.htt...

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Nov 30, 2020
The Law of Stupid People

Don't be caught unaware. Knowing is half the battle.The Stupid Are EverywhereIt's true.Carlo M. Cipolla was an Italian economic historian.(Aug 15, 1922 – Sep 5, 2000)He is famous for writing, "The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity."Learn them. Know them....

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Nov 05, 2020
Is the Map Box your Golden Goose?

If you have a business with a physical office or location(s), winning the map-box on Google means a lot. In some cases, it means everything.We have conquered the map box for a several local businesses and they are killing it. Even during COVID, becau...

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Oct 28, 2020
You can't pause live video...

I was volunteering on a live movie set when the weirdest thing happened that I've seen in a long time. Maybe ever.Before the show, they asked for a couple of volunteers to help with a 5-day live program that was 30-minutes long each morning.I think I...

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Oct 15, 2020