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I hope everyone has kicked off the holiday season without a hitch.Resources to improve your life and your business:6 AI Tips For Entrepreneurs: Book About AI is selling like hot cakes: "Will AI Take My Job?" is about wh...

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Dec 01, 2023
Birthday Time!

Hey. It's my birthday and you know what that means! Every person I've never met or spoken to on LinkedIn is going to send me an automated birthday greeting! Hooray! So sincere! But I've got a gift for you that is real and heart-felt. It's the first s...

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Nov 08, 2023
Who owns your website hosting?

Hey there The vast majority of small business websites are hosted by companies such as GoDaddy, or Bluehost, just to name a couple. However, what you may not know is that these companies are almost all owned by a small handful of private equity compa...

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Nov 01, 2023
The Future of Your Job/Biz in the AI Era

Hi Folks!On the topic of AI automation, I asked my "trained" version of ChatGPT-4 to help me write this email to you about my new book, "Will AI Take My Job?" And with a little editing, it hasn't taken over my email-writing job, but it sure made it f...

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Oct 23, 2023
Will AI Take My Job?

Hello fellow humans!Matt's new book "Will AI Take My Job?" is available to read now and it's only $2.99 in the USA or $4.05 if you're in Canada.I have included the Introduction Chapter to the book at the end of this short email... Who is this book fo...

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Oct 03, 2023