The Business Woman and the Garden Gnome

Dec 09, 2020 2:46 pm

An entrepreneur was working in her office and got a little Zoom-fatigued, so she decided that a change of scenery would help lift her motivation and spirits.

The co-working space had a little garden atrium downstairs, and with almost no one in the office these days, she figured it was a safe place to work for a bit. She grabbed her mask and laptop and off she went.

The garden was deserted and the sunlight beamed down making long rectangles of light on the floor from the glass panels above that turned this regular courtyard into a bit of an oasis. It was humid and smelled of flowers.

"This is more like it," she told herself in a virtually in-audible voice.

She got back to work and was making some headway on the second of the three things she set out to accomplish that day.

When she saw something just out of the corner of her eye.

She turned to look but it was gone.

Then she heard a rustling in the bushes near her bench and sitting there was a little garden gnome. He was cute and wore a little blue coat and a white hat, as white as his almost body-length beard. She went to pick him up and he spoke.

"Excuse me!" the gnome said and the lady jumped from her park bench, just catching her laptop before it hit the cobblestone path.

"You're alive," she exclaimed.

"Yes I am," he replied. "I'm an entrepreneur just like you."

The strange conversation went on for a while and the garden gnome explained that he was in the business of weed-pulling for indoor gardens. His business and all gnome-kind were a secret well kept by master gardeners.

They started meeting regularly to get lunch and talk business. Her new accountability partner really helped her get things done.

After a few months she realized that no matter where they met and at what time of day, the gnome was always there exactly on time. To the second!

It was uncanny.

The next meeting she brought it up to see if he has any pointers on his ability to be perfectly punctual.

"You are always here exactly at our meeting times exactly on time. How do you do it?" she asked.

"It's a gnome thing," he replied. "We are all a little short on time."

* * *

I hope that no matter what your situation, you're getting a little into the holiday season anyway.

Do something nice for someone. Maybe you can find an accountability partner or someone to mentor. You can be their garden gnome!

Now go forth and be profitable.


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