Private Sessions on Sale till April 30! 😀

Hi ,Did you see Monday's eclipse? 🌒 I enjoyed watching with eclipse glasses. 😎 Ready for some Spring clearing?Private online, phone or in person sessions are on sale until April 30! Private SessionsThere's still time to join and experience powerful h...

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Apr 11, 2024
New Offer! 🙂 Join Wednesday's Energy Healing Call

Hi ,I gave you the opportunity to experience the powerful healing energy of the Feb. 21 call replay until Wednesday's call. These sessions are an opportunity for healing benefits, and no, you won't catch anything from the group! 😆 Simply click the li...

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Mar 18, 2024
A gift from Julia! 🎁 New Awareness Calls! 🌟

Hello everyone,I am happy to announce the launch of my new Awareness Calls! ✨ This is something I've been working on and can't wait to share with you all. So let me give you the details about this valuable new addition.Awareness Calls are about 30-mi...

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Dec 17, 2023
Are People Pests Chomping At Your Life?🐛

Hi ,August is flying by, and I've been busy in a few directions!I am merging website into It's taking a lot of time and patience, but is getting there. More will appear on as pages and posts move over...

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Aug 24, 2023
Can Outdoor Clean Up Bring Inner Peace

Hi ,Here's a new post, a bit delayed sending, and today it's snowing outside!Can Outdoor Clean Up Bring Inner Peace?When you were a child, did you ever dive into piles of leaves in Autumn?It was a blast, diving through the air, landing in a huge pile...

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Nov 23, 2020