Are Some People Pests In Your Life?

Today’s adventure involved wandering outside to check on the tomato plants we've been growing this summer. We have been enjoying having fresh tomatoes and some cucumbers. I was out having a look and noticed some branches getting a bit black on the ed...

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Aug 16, 2020
Memories and Mulberries

Have you ever had the opportunity to go berry picking? I don't mean the kind that you'd pick up at the store. I used to do a lot of berry picking when I was young, and it was a favorite activity. It usually also involved a chance to go out for a picn...

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Jul 09, 2020
Going Through A Soggy Patch

I had an unfortune barefoot experience recently, I stepped on a soggy patch of carpet in our home. At first my inner warning bell went off as I looked around to see where the heck the water was coming from. If you’ve experienced a water leak, the fir...

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Jun 04, 2020
Our Body’s Healing Rhythm

The best time of the day for healing is in the afternoon and night! The Body Has Its Own Healing Rhythm I prefer offering Private sessions in the afternoon and Life Force Energy transmissions at night. This combination creates the highest potential f...

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Feb 02, 2020
Strong Women Are Valuable

Strong women are aware of their own value and recognize the strengths and potential of others. They communicate clearly and directly and expect others to do the same. Women are feeling more empowered and have more authority and leadership roles. Comm...

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Nov 09, 2019
Is Struggling With Your Mind Like Swimming Upstream?

Have you ever wondered “How on earth did I get to this place?” It can be a good place or a bad place, but our mind just can’t seem to wrap around the reality in front of us. Struggling with our mind can feel like swimming upstream, against the curren...

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Sep 10, 2019
Why Are Teachers Judgmental?

Over the years I have had the pain and pleasure of working with all sorts of teachers. In my area, there are two universities, one college and plenty of elementary to high schools. Some of my aunts were teachers, plus my husband and son are teachers....

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Jun 27, 2019
David’s Fast Concussion Recovery

Walking is great exercise but when the ground slips away, there’s no telling where the body will fall. I had the awful experience of seeing my husband David fall on ice while walking. As a tall man, he went down hard and banged his head on the paveme...

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May 08, 2019
Is Moving Stressful? 6 Tips for a Calmer Move

How many times have you moved from one place to another? Moving creates a challenge to sort and organize our stuff, then fit it into various boxes and containers. On moving day all our belongings get packed into a moving truck, van or car and driven...

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Mar 04, 2019
Finding Our Purpose in Life

As humans we often struggle with our purpose. As we try to figure out what our purpose in life is, we can get more tangled in our thoughts. Knowing what you are meant to do doesn’t come from our mind thinking and analyzing. Our spirit knows the answe...

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Dec 18, 2018