A gift from Julia! 🎁 New Awareness Calls! 🌟

Dec 17, 2023 11:00 pm

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce the launch of my new Awareness Calls! ✨ This is something I've been working on and can't wait to share with you all. So let me give you the details about this valuable new addition.


Awareness Calls are about 30-minute online sessions that focus on energy healing and promoting a sense of wellness for everyone who joins. They will be led by me, Julia Grace McCammon. During these calls, I will be quietly observing the overall group energy and various aspects, like chakras and grounding. Cameras will be off for Awareness Calls, so we can dive right in!

You might wonder how this may benefit you personally. Well, these calls are designed for anyone looking to feel calmer, and more grounded. And who wouldn't want a little self-care boost while joining from the comfort of your home? 🏠 The best part? It's completely free!

To learn more about Private sessions or Group calls and their features such as being able to join from anywhere via online call, please visit JuliaGrace.ca.

That's not all! My website has an updated shop page where you can explore all of my services at JuliaGrace.ca/store πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» From one-on-one sessions to Life Force energy healings and Restorative Calls(coming soon) - everything is one click away!

I am excited about this new service and its potential to bring us closer together as a community while promoting self-care and wellness for everyone. Don't miss this opportunity; join me on the call this Wednesday, December 20 at 1pm ET and experience Awareness Calls for yourself! 🌟

Here's your link for the call: https://calls.juliagrace.ca/session/d1d859ff-8aca-4bca-a0ce-3753de026a0a

Mark your calendarβŒ›

It's a new system so if asked, Allow access to Camera and Microphone. If the screen just spins, go out and come back into the call.

Join me Wednesday at 1pm ET. πŸ™‚

Julia Grace McCammon