When all can be renewed

Dearest!Because I willed to share without mental restraints of how it would reflect on my person, here is the update inclusive of messiness and its' reasons for taking so long in this post. It also includes a nice segment from the Essential Course in...

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Jun 02, 2023
Here is the recording

Well, my previous decent size email seems to benefit a direct follow up because many of you privately expressed interest in the Syntropy video recording and so here it is:For some this who have not read the "wow! an email from souvereign" the above v...

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May 02, 2023
wow! an email from Souvereign

Last night I was on a private zoom with Imanee and River giving their presentation for the HEN Seedstarters for the Haven Earth Village in Tennessee that is really happening and is flowing on a timeline that will manifest the purchase of the entire (...

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May 01, 2023