You Need To Open This Can Of Worms

Jun 16, 2021 10:20 pm

As you look at the different franchise opportunities available these days, there's something you need to do when it comes time to do your research. And you're not going to like it.

I want you to find franchisees that aren't happy.

Now, I realize that by doing this you're going open a can of worms. And if you're feeling enthusiastic about the franchise you're interested in, and you're beginning to "see" yourself as an owner, your dreams may end up being shattered. Maybe. Maybe not. Nevertheless, it's something you must do.

Read more here on why you need to do this before you sign anything, along with a few good questions to ask franchisees that may not be in love with the franchise they invested in.

Hey...ya thinking about buying a McDonald's franchise? Great!

But it's hard work..and well...this just happened at one in Ohio. Still interested?

I wonder how long it took for the franchisee of that store to see the video I linked to above.


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