How To Relocate Toilet & Plumbing Pt 1

Ever needed to move a toilet from one side of the room to another? In this bathroom remodel we are moving the toilet and all the plumbing. Phil gives tips and hints of ways to help you with the makeover. I know audio is bad but you can find the trans...

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Aug 25, 2023
How to Mud and Tape A Recess Drywall

Phil and John walk you through doing a recess and other things to watch for when dry-walling. Tips and tricks from two experienced drywall finishers. Little things when finishing that can easily trip you up. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Follow along with a...

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Aug 24, 2023
What those Tub Cracks Can Hide in Mobile Homes

In this video you get to see just how bad things can be when your mobile home tub has cracks and leaks. Okay so we’ve took the surround out in the tub and you can see where the seam was it wasn’t holding was leaking so it’s rotted out this two by her...

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Aug 23, 2023
Replacing Mobile Home Tub – Size and drain info

Phil explains what you need to watch for when ordering a tub for your mobile home. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Replacing a mobile home bathtub00:29 What you need to know for ordering01:00 Going to take the tub and surround out to check the floor...

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Aug 22, 2023
Drywall Finish Batten Strips In Mobile Home

This is the second part of how to change and drywall finish batten strips in your mobile home. All on the journey to get your mobile home, more home-like. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:11 How to take off batten strips and hammer down nails00:21 Take...

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Aug 21, 2023
Removing Mobile Home Batten Strips

Phil shows you how to quickly remove the batten strips on your mobile home. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:11 Batten strips in mobile home00:30 If it has paint want to cut either side then pull off with pry bar00:45 Run your hammer and when hit nail p...

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Aug 20, 2023
Drywall Corners – Corner Bead Tips

Several quick tips and tricks about drywall corner bead. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Back, sweaty, to show some of the things about corner bead00:25 Want to cut your corner bead, it has a profile00:47 Make sure you don’t have anything bulged out...

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Aug 19, 2023
How To Wire Mini Split Head

The boys are wiring up one of the heads for the 3-headed mini split system they are installing. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Boss ran into town to get some supplies00:20 Ran wires from the outside unit00:40 Thing that took a minute to figure out0...

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Aug 18, 2023
Installing Copper Lines For Air Conditioner

Phil’s showing and explaining what you need to consider when installing the copper lines for an air conditioner. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Ran the copper insulated line00:35 Adjust them very slowly, don’t kink them00:46 Do not try to start the...

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Aug 17, 2023
How To Wire A Mini Split Air Conditioner Set Up

We’re wiring up the Pioneer Inverter Ultra High Efficiency Heat Pump 3 head mini split. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Pioneer Mini split00:30 Made in China designed in Japan00:45 Efficiency rating01:00 Not real heating efficient01:15 This is 21-23...

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Aug 15, 2023