If You Need to Keep Your Mobile Home Tub

Hi, I’m Phil bridges, owner of Straight Arrow Repair. Ever want to know how a repairman fixes things? Well come with me, and I’ll show you how I solve problems. Let’s make things better together. So when you’re coming to a tub like this has these pie...

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Jan 01, 2024
Mobile Home Moving Fail

Here’s another mobile home moving fail story for everyone. Complete fail, long single-wide stuck in a ravine when Phil gets there. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Got a call that a mobile home mover was hung up00:40 His rollers are $1500 18 years ag...

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Sep 01, 2023
Setting Up Double Wide Mobile Home

Story time, and time to get to know Phil just a little better. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Comedy: that is his life00:22 One point he was setting up a lot of mobile homes close to 20001:05 Going to Little Rock to meet the mobile home mover01:30...

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Aug 31, 2023
Review Mini Split Air Conditioner

Quick review of the Pioneer Inverter Ultra High Efficiency Heat Pump 3 head mini split. Probably not a DIY situation because of the tools and Freon, but this gives you an idea what can be done. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 The instructions left a...

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Aug 30, 2023
How To Wire Mini Split Replacing the Cover

The boys are replacing the cover for 1 head of mini split system they are installing. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Once you have the 5 and 12 pin in00:30 The black connector does nothing for you00:50 It’s a little bit hard to do by yourself01:30...

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Aug 29, 2023
Prevent Wasps From Getting Into Wiring Mini Split

Easy way to prevent wasps from making nests in the wiring of your mini-split. Something that not all AC guys do. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Recommended to do when you’re wiring the mini split00:25 Half inch connector00:40 Idea is to keep wasps...

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Aug 28, 2023
How To Wire Mini Split Outside

The boys are wiring up one of the heads for the 3-headed mini split system they are installing. You always want to install the highest capacity head on the a-lines. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Outside at the unit00:25 Lines for outside power00:3...

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Aug 27, 2023