Floor Support For Second Floor

Phil repairs the floor and stabilizes the upper levels of our shop. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:0000:12 106-year-old building00:30 Weight on the floor was so heavy it did something to the floor00:55 We’re going to cut and repair it01:20 Wanting to use 16′ boa...

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Jun 15, 2023
Covering Ductwork on A Budget End

Here Phil’s cleaning and dressing up some ductwork on a budget. Using metal roofing materials to replace what the customer had. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Working on the ductwork00:40 Covering up the front now that all ductwork is sealed up00:5...

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Jun 14, 2023
Covering Ductwork on A Budget

Here Phil’s cleaning and dressing up some ductwork on a budget. Using metal roofing materials to replace what the customer had. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Owner asked us to do something better than what they have00:27 The idea was to prevent an...

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Jun 13, 2023
Glory Hole Falls In Arkansas #Shorts

Ya, we know, horrible name, but beautiful spot. ???? Subscribe, ????, it helps a lot!!➤❓/ ????: ask@straightarrowrepair.com➤ Follow https://straightarrowrepair.com/pipf ➤➤I get a little for the channel-no charge for you if you use the links:➤➤Shop Am...

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Jun 12, 2023
Remove A Roof Vent

Phil wanted to carefully remove the roof vent for this mobile home because it will save the customer money, and time. If we couldn’t reuse the vent, we would have to find and order another one. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 12 sheets in 30 mins, t...

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Mar 09, 2023
Mobile Home Metal Roof Overhang #Shorts

I wanted an overhang because they don’t want water to run into the windows anymore, or do damage to the masonite siding this house is never going to move. If it had to be moved, then you could have to cut metal siding up because you couldn’t have the...

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Mar 08, 2023
Mobile Home Hoarders Clean Up

We managed to fill the first dumpster. Got most of the outside done, and part of the sheds. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Condition of the sheds04:40 What the front porch looks like now07:10 Dumpster darn near full07:20 Follow us ? Subscribe, ?, i...

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Mar 05, 2023
Hoarders Clean Up Outside Sheds

We had to go in and clean up a horders house. This is the outside sheds, or at least the start of it. We are going through trying to find things that we can use. That way we don’t completely lose our butts on the job. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12...

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Mar 04, 2023
False Front on Chicken Coop #shorts

So, you might have seen us do the chicken coops out of fence panels that were given to us. Then we throw it away. So now we’re making it have a false front. And you’re saying, Oh, that’s ugly. But this is two foot pieces, which you get three of them...

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Mar 03, 2023
Putting Trim On A Chicken Coop

We’re putting the trim on the false fronts for my chicken houses. The trim all comes from the old fence panels we’re reusing. ⏱️⏱️Chapters⏱️⏱️00:00 Intro00:12 Getting the trim from the fence panel boards00:30 What you can use in place of the table sa...

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Mar 02, 2023