A Magic Phrase that Inspires Change 🎆

Jan 07, 2022 3:01 pm

Happy Friday!

Hope your holidays went well and that your new year is starting off well. I personally find myself adjusting rather slowly back to a normal-ish routine.

I was on a call with some clients and as it tends to happen even though my clients don't know about each other, it's like they are connected by invisible threads as my calls all focused around the same things.

My suggestion to both was rather simple. I offered to them that incorporating a phrase into how they communicate might help get things moving for them. So, here's the phrase:

Would this help?

Now, there are some variations to this, but here's the magic in this little phrase. By saying it, you are putting yourself in the position to improve something for whoever you said it to. This is different than a more common type of discussion where there is a search for some optimal solution.

When everyone is stuck searching for an answer, progress can continue by offering help to those around you. The help doesn't have to be big or significant to help get things moving and inspire folks that things can change slowly but surely.

So, if you need to see some movement and work towards inspiring change. See where you can offer your help to those around you. It builds trust and moves things along.