Eating an Ice Cream Cone 🍦

Feb 19, 2021 9:01 pm

Hi there,

Today I'll be keeping this email a bit short. I live in Texas and it's been a crazy week with all the weather. Yesterday marked the last day of freezing weather from the storm, so I'm hopeful things recover quickly.

I managed to write an article this week, and while the title is delicious it is actually about automated testing. There are a number of patterns I see organizations adopt when testing, and the ice-cream cone is the most troublesome and common. So this article explains two very small and straightforward practices to help if that's the path you're on and avoid problems before they start. Give it a read and let me know what you think!

I can't help but pour over any article where tech or consultancies goes horribly wrong. Last time it was an article on dependency confusion, this time it is a half-billion-dollar mistake that Citibank made. I find the article fascinating because while there was redundancy built into the human process, the software was so incomprehensible it caused all redundancy to fail. I also wonder if that particular software is ancient and tied to a mainframe or part of the carousel of rebuilding the same software with subcontractors every 3-5 years that large companies seem to love to do. Either way, it's a fascinating read.

I've created some wireframes for a new project called Broken Interviews, and I'd love to show them to you. So if you're interested, reply back to me, and we'll get on a call!

🗒️ Taking Two Bites Of an Ice Cream Cone


Often I wind up working with teams and managers who want to know more about how to get started with automated testing or realize their efforts are backfiring.

For the last of those cases, it is almost always because they adopted the ice-cream anti-pattern of testing, but I teach two techniques that help them get back on track.

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Ryan Latta