Reflecting On Career Coaching 🤔

Jul 23, 2021 2:56 pm

Happy Friday!

In the past few of my emails, I've mentioned my first ever online course to help tech folk get the jobs they want and negotiate better. I've got something that might interest you at the bottom as it relates to that.

For now, though, I was going back over and looking at every one I've helped over the few years I've been doing career stuff on the side and I thought I'd share what I found.

As of now, I've coached 24 people. They've all been through word-of-mouth. On the one hand, it feels like a lot, and on the other, it feels like it should be a lot more. My fees for doing this have changed as well. In the beginning, I asked for a bottle of bourbon after they get their first paycheck. I then said they can pay-what-its-worth at the end. I had one person pay me to coach someone else, but $500 is the most I've ever made.

On the one hand, I know full well what I do is worth more than that, and it's frustrating. On the other, I didn't do this to get rich. I did this because I hate seeing good folk struggling in their careers.

In terms of the types of people I've helped, there is a lot of variation, but here're some bits and pieces.

I've helped Senior Vice Presidents, Directors, Senior Managers, Architects, Lead Developers, Senior Developers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, and first-time Devs. I've done full end-to-end coaching, resume coaching, negotiation coaching, and talked at some universities, and a few conferences as well. I've helped people get jobs at FAANG companies, and target their searches.

When I started I taught one technique to negotiate, and now I've added a new one that I personally practiced to negotiate $80k on one job that I still walked away from. I also refined my material for handling architecture/design interviews that, quite frankly, is badass. I learned how to help people establish career and life goals to better assess what is in front of them, and how to interview as the next iteration of themselves so that companies see them as the one they've been waiting for.

I've learned a lot, but I need to change how I'm doing things. I'm almost at the line where I can't sustain this and my normal job. So I need to come up with ways to help more devs without consuming all of my time and make a little money too. That's why I built my class.

So, this email is just a little bit behind the scenes of what my career coaching has been like, but if you want to help me, I'll help you.

Here's the deal, when you bump into someone struggling with their interviews and getting offers to tell them about my class. I'm going to include in this email a coupon code. That code will give them %20 off which is $200. If they tell me you sent them I'll send you $200!

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Ryan Latta