When to Break the Rules 🔨

Nov 20, 2020 8:29 pm

Happy Friday!

Things are pretty quiet this week as we get ready for the holidays. I've been thinking more about my offerings to people both as a consultant and as a career mentor.

I'll post a draft list of what I think a draft set of my consulting offerings and I'm happy to hear feedback on it! Once I get that somewhat finalized I'll update my site with it.

Also, I want to make sure people know going into the holidays that I lowered the price of my book to $9.99! And for all of you here, I think you should pay even less. So here's a coupon code for it!

In other news I've dusted off my software development skills. I'm building a POC for a client, and while that is a fun change of pace it does consume a lot of time in the day that I normally use for clearing a path for the other groups I consult for. So far my tech stack that I'm playing around with is:

  • Node.js & Express
  • Docker
  • AWS Fargate
  • AWS DynamoDB
  • For the front end I'm looking into static generators like Gatsby, but haven't started yet

I want to take a moment and wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃. Things are still crazy with the pandemic and everything, so I know I'm trying to think less of the yummy food and how fortunate me and my family have been.

Here's my weekly update for November 20th, 2020...

🗒️ When to Break the Rules


I find myself in an interesting position where I’m doing good work, but my client isn’t entirely on board with the results yet.

Now, this is a problem I’ve created as a consultant by not keeping people aligned, but it happens.

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Ryan Latta