Transformation, Stories, and Youtube. Oh My 📽

Jan 08, 2021 9:16 pm


Well, 2021 is off to a hell of a start. I hope this email finds you well. I know my attention has been fixed on the current events. If yours has too, you certainly aren't alone. This email will be there waiting for you when you're ready.

I have a few things on my mind aside from what is going on in the country, and I thought I'd share some of them here.

First, I've been recording Youtube videos of short, 10-minute resume reviews. I think it is a nice way I can help lots of people with their careers, as well as do some marketing for whatever it is I'll wind up doing with my career coaching side-gig.

I'd love for you to take a look, let me know what you think, and if you want me to either answer a burning career question or review your technical resume let me know!

Watch a 10 Minute Resume Review

Very related to that is the broader thought of what I should really offer or do with the career coaching I give, and the book I wrote. I'm leaning towards formalizing a set of offerings involving classes, my book, and immersive coaching, but I need to put pen-to-paper on it.

Some inspiration I have for that is coming from this tweet I found describing Walt Disney's desired empire. There's a lot in this one image, and I'll try to write a whole article about it, but not only does it describe many separate parts, but also how they influence and impact one another. He created a whole living ecosystem that feeds itself and represented it in a drawing.

This is, by the way, applicable to understanding how things work in your teams and company. You can begin to map out the various factors and how they influence each other and begin to see options for intervention to create new ways forward.

Well, I think that's plenty for now. I also wrote a few articles this week, one about the common ways agile transformations play out and how I'd prefer to do it, as well as some approaches to user stories that I often see and where I try to guide them to.

Good luck out there, be safe, and we'll talk again soon.

🗒️ Agile Transformation in 4 Acts


I’m a big believer in agility, and I often help my clients find ways to take steps in growing their agility.

Unfortunately, that means I also get tangled up in “Transformations.

” Here’s how I typically see it play out, and some things I’d rather try instead:

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🗒️ The Shapes of User Stories


I often wind up helping groups understand some aspects of agility and Scrum.

One common topic that seems to confuse groups is user stories.

I want to go over several shapes they tend to appear in and close with my desired one.

Hopefully, you’ll see the shape yours take and the tradeoffs.

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Ryan Latta