Code and Money

Jan 22, 2021 11:25 pm

Hi there,

The first month of 2021 is coming to a close, and it has been a crazy start to the new year!

As tax season winds up I've been giving thought a lot more to how I'm taking care of myself and my family financially. Down below you'll find an article I wrote after reading two investment books.

I also realized I haven't written about code in a while, so I took a stab at writing about a design principle that I think is one of the most powerful ones. The article is a little rough, but hopefully, it gets the idea across. If you have questions just let me know and I'll happily explain more!

I'm working hard trying to come up with new ways to provide useful things to you and everyone else. One thing I started was the Youtube Videos where I review resumes. They are slowly collecting more views, and that's great! Check them out and if you want me to review yours or friends just let me know!

I also am starting some free classes over email. I chose email because it's about as non-committal as things go and I have no problem writing content. The first one is live and it's a 10-email series covering what I think are the absolute essentials tech folk need to know in their careers. I cover the job process, compensation, and thinking about your job as enabling a lifestyle.

Free Dev Career Essentials

I am about to start creating my next one which will be about building high-performing software teams. In this one, I'm thinking about putting together what I've come to learn about building teams that consistently perform 4x better than their peers across numerous clients and companies. Go ahead and sign up if you're interested!

Secrets of Building High Performing Teams

If I built an e-mail class just for you, what would you want to learn?

Here's my weekly update for January 22nd, 2021...

🗒️ A Brief Summary of Two Investing Books


I’ll be honest and say that investing in the stock market has always been intimidating and mystifying.

Yet, when companies offer 401ks those are investment accounts!

I’ve felt held back by my ignorance and that I’ve been leaving money on the table for too long.

So I started reading some books on the subject and this is what they both had to say.

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🗒️ My Love Affair With “Tell, Don’t Ask”


Many people know of things like SOLID, KISS, or DRY as guiding principles for good software, but my favorite is, “Tell, don’t ask.”

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Ryan Latta