Let's Learn Something

Apr 07, 2023 2:01 pm

Happy Friday,

Yesterday I was at my local Beekeeping Association meeting, and the speaker was going through how he creates Nucs from within a hive. For those of you who don't know, a Nuc is a tiny hive of bees. By tiny, I mean roughly half of a hive. Nucs are an awesome way to start hives compared to ordering "Packages" in the mail and sell for roughly $180 each.

Anyway, as I was watching this gentleman explain how he checkerboard frames and uses a queen excluder and whatnot, I was happy that here I was, learning something new about something I love.

In my professional career, a few years ago, I learned something called Wardley Mapping. What I'd say about it is this technique is one that, once you learn it, will forever alter how you see things.

I first used the technique right after I learned it. After one session, we identified how to go after an additional $8 billion in revenue and identified who the company's real competitor was. The next day that competitor announced its entrance into the market.

Pretty rad.

Now, unfortunately, while all of my clients dream of being more strategic, they simply don't often want to take the time to take a structured approach to a strategy. This means I don't often get to use this technique or knowledge often, which is too bad. What I've seen and experienced with it is profound in a way that is hard to capture into words.

If you want to learn more about Wardley Mapping, let me know and I can either send some resources over or hop on a call.

So my question to all of you, is what have you learned that affected you similarly? What are you hungry to learn next?


Ryan Latta