Taking a Stand 🦶🦶

May 21, 2021 4:30 pm

Hi there,

I've been preparing for our move to Arkansas next week, and the people I tell about this move always have one question, "Why Arkansas?"

The answer is simple--it is where we felt the most at home.

The second question I'm asked is, "Well, what will you do for work there? Are there even jobs?"

This brings me to the point of this email.

Behind this question is a wonder about how I am choosing to balance work and life. It just so happens this same wonder comes up as I work with people on their careers.

You see, I tell people that every job is an opportunity to take a step towards the life they want. They get to choose each time who the next better version of themselves is in their career and use the opportunity of work to further their life.

This is a sharp contrast of letting the market tell me what my life or career will be. It's also how I can make the decision to move to an area that isn't known for its high demand for software consultants.

I'm intentional about furthering my life and career in a specific direction. So are my career clients. They can step into an interview and company as the next version of themselves. They know before they accept the offer what they will attempt to change in their life. They are able to see more than a job there is a field of opportunities before them.

I think that is pretty awesome.

So for you, I'll ask that you take a few minutes to jot a few notes about that next version of yourself in your career. Not by title or pay, but the kind of person you are. What are the attributes and qualities others see in that next version of yourself?

And then, what is the smallest possible thing you can do Monday to be more of that person?

Have a good weekend!