What a Week ☠

Nov 06, 2020 9:20 pm


This week has been crazy for just about everyone and even though the weekend, a lot of the stress and anxiety isn't going anywhere yet. Personally I've been avoiding a lot of social media. That's been helpful for me. Turns out that without it I've had more energy to do well, stuff!

One example is that I am thinking about writing a book again. Though probably not a proper 200-page one like my first one -- I lowered the price by the way. Rather, smaller booklets that are super focused on something.

Some thoughts I've had are around the following topics, but I'd love to know what you think too.

  • Metrics and Measures for Managers
  • Understanding Offers and Benefits
  • Tips and Tricks to Make Meetings Better
  • Agile for Developers
  • The Way of the Technical Resume

Let me know which one resonates with you, or the one you wish I was going to write.

Here are some updates from my blog ICYMI.

🗒️ 4 Steps to Better Action

Ever been in a retrospective, and in the end, there was an action item that nobody followed through on?

Or have you been in a meeting where everyone is lobbying for their idea with no end in sight?

Or maybe you’ve been confronted with a puzzle and weren’t sure what to do?

You have reports, but aren’t quite sure how you can mentor and coach your reports?

Yep, these scenarios cover just about every job.

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🗒️ Behind the Scenes - First Days At a Client


I’ve arrived at the client, and after early conversations with various buyers and leaders, I’m now on the ground and ready to start my engagement.

Though, what am I thinking so far, and what steps am I about to take?

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Ryan Latta