Learning on the Edge 💻

Sep 03, 2021 5:35 pm

Hi there,

This morning I was thinking back on the importance of learning and how much of an accelerant it has been for me. Currently, I'm learning about budgeting and ways to remove its less-than-desirable effects in organizations and marketing for my online class.

Speaking of, I might send another email out asking for your help. There's a class I want to take that would help me take my online class where it needs to go, but in order to get in I have to prove there is interest by getting 100 sign-ups in a few days. So I'll craft some messages on Twitter and LinkedIn and let you all know so you can share them, like them, etc so that more people see them.

In this email, I wanted to share about learning. I remember parts of my career where I learned directly what I needed in front of me, and I might coin a phrase here and call that competency learning. I had to learn codebases, technologies, language people used that I didn't understand.

Now, this kind of learning is obviously very important, but it's not where the real magic is.

Imagine you have something you've got to learn competency-wise. Put it at the center of a mind-map. Now, branching from that identify all the topics or things that are related. All of these topics that are indirectly related and on the horizon of what is in front of you is where growth happens.

An example here for me is what I mentioned above which is budgeting. I primarily work on building incredible teams that can meet deadlines with almost no defects. Budgets are on the edge of that mind map. For my online class, learning to write good copy is similarly on the edge.

So what is something you're learning out on the edge? I really wanna know! Reply with your answer.

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So much this.You can set boundaries around after-hours support. Working extra hours. What you will and won't take responsibility for. How you will do the job. ANYTHING.Take care of yourself first. That's what they're doing.
2:09 PM · Sep 01, 2021

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Ryan Latta

PS: I also wrote this guest article for DevInterrupted. I dive into the idea that if you do CI/CD that makes you agile, or that you can't be agile without it.