The Cost of Great ☠

Mar 19, 2021 2:01 pm

Hi there,

I've been thinking quite a bit of how teams break up. This is probably pretty clear from my recent newsletters.

Along those lines, I've updated a lot of my services and offerings to reflect what I can truly call my expertise, and one of those offerings has a pretty jagged barb in it.

I'm really good at creating teams that significantly out-perform their peers. They complete work faster, with higher quality, and lower stress. The barb here is that I've seen up to 50% of the team quit after I leave.

The reason is pretty simple, the folks on that team saw how great things can be, but realized that after I left they would no longer have the support needed to keep that well-earned greatness. The team hears a message that sounds like someone asking them to do worse.

And so, when this happens my LinkedIn blows up, I get emails and phone calls for advice, and the story is always the same. Someone, in spite of loving the results, wants things to back to the way things were. The individuals on the team don't want that, so they dust off their resumes.

The lesson is crystal clear, the impact of leadership cannot be overstated. Fixing the team without leadership has consequences. Or to put it another way, my ability to lead a team to great results is the same ability any leader has to do the same.

So I guess the question I'd ask is---what are you willing to change to have impossible results?

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Ryan Latta