System Design Interview Tutorial 📽

Dec 18, 2020 9:03 pm

Happy Holidays!

I've been consumed with all the rush in the holidays, but I didn't forget about you! We're coming to the end of the year, and that means new opportunities and new struggles.

What is one small thing you want to change in your life in 2021? Got an idea? Great, its too big. Take a smaller piece of it! Got that? Still too big. Make it smaller still! Get a quick win by taking really small steps towards really big ideas.

I JUST finished a draft video, and when you see it you'll know how much of a draft it is. Anyway, this video explains my approach to a dreaded part of the technical interview process: System Design. My career folk seems to be getting hit with this pretty hard lately, so I thought I'd make a little video to explain how I do it.

You all get to see it first, so take a look and let me know what you think. I know it needs a lot of polish and a lot fewer kids yelling in the background, but I wanted to get this out to you all today.

Cracking the System Design Interview

Stay warm, stay safe, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Oh, and here are some articles I wrote. Enjoy!

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Most product people often struggle to know when they’ve added the right mixture of features and complexity to make a product that customers like.

Far more often, they wind up in a situation I call “Feature soup.

” The soup has everything you could want, yet isn’t a soup you enjoy.

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🗒️ Tell Me About Yourself


Quite often, we find ourselves in jobs or roles that don’t make sense to us.

It could be because they aren’t defined or because the definition always seems to change.

How can you thrive if you don’t know how to succeed?

One way you can change that is to define the principles you hold as you pursue excellence.

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Ryan Latta