The Ups and Downs of Recruiters ☎️

Oct 09, 2020 7:23 pm

Hi there,

Today's the day. I'm going to start promoting my first online class Your $10k Resume. I did a trial the other day and someone pointed out that a lot of my stuff was kind of broken, so I took it offline and fixed it up.

I'd love for any of you who have the energy to take a look and give me feedback on what I'm offering. I'd love you until the ends of the earth if you shared it with folk too.

Oh, you may also have noticed at the bottom fo this email I've included a referral campaign. I want to grow this thing we've got going, so if you bring people to this little community, you can earn some prizes!

Have a great weekend!

Here's my weekly update for October 9th, 2020...

🗒️ The Ups and Downs of Recruiters


Last night I saw a tweet fly by about a new book coming out that was all about the technical resume.

I found it fitting since today I want to start promoting my first-ever class on the same thing.

They mentioned it includes advice from 200+ recruiters and managers.

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🗒️ Imposter Syndrome After a Decade


Okay, so I’m old.

I’ll be forty in two years, and writing that is enough to put me in my place.

At the same time, I’m experiencing a lot of imposter syndrome in similar ways when I’ve started my career or transitioned to new ones.

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Ryan Latta