The Worst Night of My Life: My Experience with Ayahuasca

How could I make my life better? Recently, I was unhappy with a few areas of my life. I couldn't figure out how to be happier, so I decided to take a drastic step. I heard about Ayahuasca "meditation retreats" from people I know, and decided to try i...

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Nov 01, 2018
Habits with James Clear

Over the past five years, James grew his blog from 0 to 1 million readers. In today’s episode, James and I talk about how he grew a business about habits, our thoughts on current marketing trends — like bots — and how James makes money from his blog....

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Oct 16, 2018
The Rolls-Royce of Mountain Bikes

Yeti Cycles should have failed and shut down. A few years ago, it was struggling… but today it’s an award-winning mountain bike brand. Plus, it’s grown 30% year over year five years in a row. In this episode, I talk to co-founder Chris Conroy about h...

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Jul 25, 2018
Mindless Eating — with Brian Wansink

Brian Wansink is the bestselling author behind Mindless Eating and Slim by Design. An expert in dieting and psychology, I’ve personally used Brian’s tips to be healthier. In this episode, we have a candid conversation on psychology, why most diets fa...

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Jul 11, 2018
7 Life Thoughts

How have you grown this year? Recently, I’ve thought about if I’m doing the things that make me happy and living a life of principles I believe in. Recently, I went on an eight-day international retreat to step away from my business and day-to-day li...

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Jun 21, 2018
Bo Jackson: A Conversation With the World's Best Athlete

Everyone thinks success lasts forever... but it doesn't. In the 1980s, the world's best athlete played. To this day, he's the only athlete to be named a MLB and NFL all-star. But the year he was named a NFL all-star he retired. This is the story of B...

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Apr 26, 2018
The March Show

Over the past month, I've met new entrepreneurs, tried new products, and learned new lessons. Today, I'm going to share my favorites with YOU. You'll learn advice from the founder of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, hear about a new company I love, and get m...

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Mar 16, 2018