Entrepreneur Appetizers

I have new podcast episodes for you.They’re called Entrepreneur Appetizers.Each bite-sized episode is about leadership and business.Many are inspired by what we’re doing at Sumo.com right now.Here are my favorite 3...My Uber RideTyping Speed...

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Mar 28, 2019
Early Bird Tickets Sumo Ride 2019

Last year, you helped raise over $15,000 worth of laptops for kids. You are AMAZING!This year we are doing it again… and BETTER.We’re gonna do 2 rides, and support 2 new charities.You get first access to sign up (our rides sold out last year).April 1...

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Feb 28, 2019
$100 million man

David Hauser is really rich.He made $100 million from selling Grasshopper…And I wanted to know what it was like.Listen to our convo:We talked about:What are the good — and bad things — about being richWhy real estate is overrated (and why David...

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Feb 21, 2019
Rich people

What are things rich people DON’T tell you?Today, I invited David Hauser to share the secrets of being super rich.More: SpotifyDavid sold his company Grasshopper for $200 million a few years ago.So I asked him to share…What are the good — and ba...

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Feb 14, 2019

Neville Medhora is one of my best friends (a six-figure entrepreneur too)…And one of the HAPPIEST people I know.Recently I talked to Neville about how to be happier.I secretly recorded our chat and we discussed:Strategies to help you enjoy life moreU...

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Feb 07, 2019
Behind the scenes of our million-dollar course

In 2013, we had an idea to grow AppSumo…Build an online course.We launched — and the course made $1 million.Today I’m sharing the exact marketing lessons we used. (No, I’m not gonna sell you the course.)A few of the tactics were:SumoJerky (the best l...

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Jan 31, 2019
I stole Noah’s laptop

Neville Medhora was on my podcast recently.Podcast here: iTunes - Overcast - DownloadHe’s a six-figure entrepreneur, and one of the BEST copywriters I know.I figured who better to tell you about his episode than Neville himself?!Here’s what he said…N...

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Jan 24, 2019
My favorite shoes (18 hours left)

When I find a new cool product, I love sharing it with you.Books, tech gadgets, podcasts… my favorite thing is promoting dope stuff.Today, I’m excited to share my FAVORITE pair of shoes in the world.I wear these shoes everywhere. At home, hiking, at...

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Jan 18, 2019
Launching something new…

My favorite thing in the world is promoting awesomeness. I will do it until the day I die.You’ve seen me promote books, products, places and more.And today I’m sharing my FAVORITE pair of shoes in the world… with a twist.I’m sharing these shoes on ou...

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Jan 16, 2019

2019 is upon us and I want you to dominate the F out of it.I put together exactly how I plan my personal and professional goals.This is the most critical moment of the year for you.See behind-the-scenes of my process.And make 2019 your BEST year ever...

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Jan 08, 2019