your future business (next 10 years)

Presented by: Get smarter with a 5-minute daily read on top marketing news, tech, and insights. Howdy,In 10 years — YouTube will be the BIGGEST platform for entrepreneurs to start a business.Average people today are creating LEGIT busi...

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Dec 10, 2020
entrepreneurs on OnlyFans (yes I made one too)

Howdy, Stay at home moms, students, rappers…ALL making real money on OnlyFans right now. I did a breakdown of their businesses and even made a page of my own! 😜🎥 5 Entrepreneurs Building REAL Businesses on OnlyFansBookmarks:0:24 What is Onl...

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Dec 07, 2020
2 purchases I’m excited about

Howdy, My new MacBook Pro arrives in a few days… SO pumped for it. It’s made me realize — Apple has the BEST marketing in the world. 🎥 The STRATEGY Behind Apple's Million Dollar AdsDeconstructing their marketing tactics so you can copy...

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Dec 03, 2020
how a 22-year-old makes $97M on YouTube

Howdy, At 22 years old MrBeast makes $97,529,400 a year on YouTube. Most surprising is that 74% of his revenue does NOT come from ads. I dig into HOW he does this — for you to learn for your own business. 🎥 How MrBeast Makes $97,5...

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Dec 01, 2020
million-dollar business idea for you

Happy Turkey Week, Easy to see what we don’t have in our lives and businesses. Take a few moments right now to be grateful for what you DO have.Then get back to work and finish the year strong. :) 🎥 Start a Million-Dollar Business This...

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Nov 25, 2020
The 5 BEST Black Friday Campaigns Ever

Howdy, Last year 190 million Americans spent an average of $362 over Black Friday weekend.  That’s $68 BILLION spent over a single weekend.This is a BIG week for companies to get creative with marketing.🎥 The 5 Greatest Black Friday Ma...

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Nov 23, 2020
MrBeast formula for going viral EVERY week

Howdy, 🎥 How MrBeast Goes Viral EVERY WeekMrBeast has nearly 7 BILLION views on his YouTube videos in the past 12 months… That’s like if every person on the earth watched one of his videos! 🤯Check out HOW he does it here.Even if you’re not...

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Nov 18, 2020
4 of the hottest new products

Howdy, These 4 companies started in the last 5 years and today are selling MILLIONS.I’m diving into their marketing tactics so you can copy them.🎥 Startups with GREAT Marketing (4 examples making $1M/year)Check out the video here.Be Epic, N...

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Nov 16, 2020
Roasting the Spammy Ads on my YouTube Channel

I’m spicing things up today for you gorgeous people. 🔥Make sure to stick to the end and see me record my own ad. :) 🎥 Roasting the Spammy Ads on my YouTube ChannelCheck out the video here.Be Epic, Noah KaganPs. Are you a designer?

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Nov 12, 2020
We paid $500K to creators like you

Hola, In just 3 months, we’ve paid out nearly $500,000 to creators on the AppSumo Marketplace. Now we want to promote YOUR product to millions of entrepreneurs.Do you have a course, ebook, or software?Submit your product on the new AppSumo...

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Nov 10, 2020