Sun Maker Saga NEWS πŸš€ + Starting on BOOK FIVE 😱

Don't forget to answer my Quick Question at the end! πŸ‘‡πŸ»I haven't been very good at newsletters lately...😩So here's a picture of Joey looking super disappointed in me for neglecting you all:As a I write this, Joey is in my room lying on my side of the...

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May 19, 2021
Ad Aversum

Link to PDF Title: Ad Aversum Genre: Fantasy Medium: Graphic Novel Script Word Processor: Final Draft 10 Logline: A daughter’s place is to obey. But when sadistic, power-hungry gods take everything away from her, the only choice left is to take reven...

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Sep 07, 2020
To Remus

Link to PDF Title: To Remus Genre: Mythological Fiction Medium: Persona Poem Word Processor: Microsoft Word Notes: In my undergrad poetry class, I was tasked with writing a poem from the point of view of someone else, and as if the speaker of the poe...

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Sep 05, 2020