How to maximize work-life balance for fun & profit!

Nov 01, 2022 10:56 am


It’s been a minute, but this Build Cycle Podcast episode is the perfect reboot as I turn my own focus inward to personal work-life balance.

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My friends Simon and Giulio are co-founders of Bike Connection Agency, a marketing and event firm focused on the cycling market. If you’re considering taking your own industry relationships and experience and creating a marketing or event agency, there’s a lot to learn here about how to do it, what services to provide, and more.


Over the past six years, BCA has built up to four annual events and servicing a handful of premium marketing clients, which simultaneously sounds like a lot and not that much.

And that is one of the most fascinating parts of this interview – how they’re balancing work and life by creating a business that meets their needs while still allowing for a massive amount of free time for both of them.

At a time when many of us are examining our own work-life balance and re-prioritizing personal and professional goals, to hear these two discuss it is incredibly refreshing.


(Left to Right: Giulio & Simon at the 2022 Summer MTB BCA event)

The icing on the cake is their relationship. Starting a business with a lifelong friend can be tricky, but they’ve created a system of open, honest communication and trust that should be a benchmark for any of us. We get a little personal on this, and it’s amazing.

My own takeaways

In the spirit of work-life balance, you may notice that I’ve paused my Bite Size Content Marketing email newsletter (which is this list, so if you like the Podcast, please stay subscribed).

While I really enjoy writing it, there was no real business case for it, and there are other opportunities (personal and professional) that are more interesting to me right now. So I’m going for it.

As for this podcast, you may notice that I upload new episodes here very sporadically. When I find a great guest or an interesting business idea or story, I’ll share it. If you like them, stay subscribed and you’ll get a fresh interview now and then.

And if you really like it, share this with a fellow builder and tell your friends.

Here’s hoping you’re finding the balance you need. Life is short, make the most of it!

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