new program and book updated

Jun 08, 2021 10:50 pm

Hey team!

Just wanted to send a quick note about the most recent updates at Mastering Fitness.

NEW PROGRAM: Foundations II

Check it out here. This follows up Foundations I in our "fundamentals of fitness" series.

UPDATE: Dieting Without a Diet now in EPUB and MOBI

These new files are located in your account if you've already purchased the book.

TEASER: Next programs

Foundations III and IV are in development. I've got the programs written, I just need to film some exercises and get the PDFs made.

TEASER: Comprehensive courses?

I've considered building comprehensive courses on fitness, such as fixing a hip shift in a squat or reducing asymmetrical shoulder posture. The time investment is pretty extreme, though, so reply "interested" to this email if that's something you'd like so I can gauge if it will be worth my time. They'll probably cost ~$200, at least as an introductory special offer for those of you SPECIAL people who are reading this.

I'll send another update when Foundations III is available.

Stay healthy!

Lance Goyke