dealing with pain

Dec 07, 2020 8:31 pm

Hello friend,

I spent the last hour working through Sam Harris's Waking Up meditation app. I like it a lot.

One of the intro lessons got me thinking about pain.

When we talk about pain, we usually talk about exercises. What movements can you do to fix the pain?

We also might talk about the absence of exercises. What movements should you avoid to prevent pain from arising?

We also might talk about your relationship with the pain. What memories do you have with this pain?

And on top of all that, we might talk about how acute pain changes when it becomes chronic pain. You probably know how chronic action helps you lose weight, build strength, or become fitter.

But chronicity can have the same strength when coupled with negativity. That is, chronic pain is heinous. Chronic pain is learned and memorized. And therefore has to be unlearned to overcome.

But the major lesson today: what is your perception of the pain? Does it feel like it will never go away? Like you can hardly bear it?

Even though it's torturing you, you've lived with it until now. You're stronger than you think. Is it really all that tough?

Are you aware of how tough you are?

Stay strong,