158 - Leveraging Sound in Marketing with Jodi Krangle

Sound influences us in many ways. It can set the mood, product emotion, trigger memories, and communicate more than just the words on a page. Matt speaks with Jodi Krangle about leveraging sound in your marketing like the pros. Voiceover And Vocals:...

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Mar 11, 2021
157 - B2B Podcasts with Lindsay Tjepkema from Casted

How B2B marketers can use podcasts in their overall marketing strategies to create a cohesive, relevant, and engaging customer experience and drive revenue. After 15 years in B2B marketing, Lindsay left her role as a marketing leader at a global Sa...

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Mar 10, 2021
156 - B2B Sales Tactics with Dan Englander

Today we're talking B2B sales with Dan Englander, but it also can help with your direct-to-consumer outreach campaigns. Dan Englander is the CEO and Founder of Sales Schema, a fractional new business team for marketing agencies, and he hosts The Digi...

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Mar 04, 2021
154 - AI and SEO Really Do Mix with Nikhil from Topic

Nikhil Aitharaju from Topic SEO is our guest today and we discuss the issues with doing SEO at scale for your small business, Artificial Intelligence in SEO, and more. List to this show, shows, episode, episodes, podcast, podcastor, podcasting...

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Feb 25, 2021