A Weekly Update 3: Dollar Voting, Desertification, Quarantine Games, Inspiring Films...

Apr 04, 2020 11:01 pm

Happy Saturday!

Keeping this one super short with a couple more food resources, plus a game and movie recommendation to help weather the quarantine.


🥩 A couple more ways to find local farms to order food from directly. You may already be stocked up, but who knows how long we're in this for. Plus, now more than ever our dollars decide what businesses are going to be around when all this passes. The majority of mine are going to the farmers rebuilding our soils and upholding the very foundation of civilization.

  • Regenerative Farms and Ranches in California - a living list put together by Abbey Smith of Jefferson Center and Ana Smith (no relation) of White Buffalo Land Trust
  • The Global Savory Network - a map of accredited and candidate Savory Hubs around the world. This is how I found out about White Oak Pastures, a Savory Hub, and ended up working here. The Savory Institute is one of the pioneer organizations accelerating the transition of our desertified grasslands into thriving, regenerative ecosystems. Allan Savory's TED Talk was a big influence for me, despite the controversy around it. Sidenote: I find it a little ridiculous that TED felt the need to add a statement to that page highlighting that his ideas received criticism (an essential part of the scientific process), while the plethora of anti-meat propaganda is left alone (though TED does note that these are from TEDx volunteer-ogranized talks).

🎲 Last week, I played an online knockoff version of Settlers of Catan with a few friends. It's called Colonist - the site can be a little slow to start a game, but it allows 4 players in the free version whereas Catan Universe only allows 3. I recommend jumping on FaceTime / HouseParty / Zoom / etc to be able to talk trades and make the game go faster. It's pretty fun to be able to play games like this with friends in different places, silver lining of shelter in place. Let me know if you want to get a game going, or if you have other game recommendations!

🔋 Once again, parting with a movie recommendation: The Need to GROW. I got invited to a screening of this award-winning documentary back in SF (thanks again Kisstrin!). The screening was the night I was flying back to NYC, and scheduled to end with just enough time to make my flight. It was definitely cutting it close, but I'm so glad I went. The film is narrated by Rosario Dawson and showcases some incredible and very viable solutions to our environmental challenges. I imagine some years in the future, every municipality has its own Green Dragon as a closed-loop waste management and energy solution. Here is a link to watch for free.



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