Friendly feedback

dill's blogFriendly feedback One of my besties and I do an annual feedback review. The goal is to be as honest and exposing as possible. Crying is encouraged. I try to use different questions each year. Here’s 2023’s: 1. What’re you hesitant to tell...

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Feb 02, 2023
Interviewing a “canceled” person

dill's blogInterviewing a “canceled” person On the latest episode of The YouTuber’s Guide to the Galaxy, I interviewed Meghan Murphy. Meghan is a writer, journalist, and podcaster. She’s the editor-in-chief at Feminist Current, a website and podcast...

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Jan 19, 2023
The subtle habit you need to stop doing

dill's blogThe subtle habit you need to stop doing I’m Dillan, and I’m a recovering shit-talker. When I failed college in 2017, I got a job at the Cheesecake Factory. There I started making money, building strong habits, and getting my life together....

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Jan 14, 2023
It took me a year to get better at chess

dill's blogIt took me a year to get better at chess My buddy and I started playing chess regularly during lockdown in 2020. We were both competitive and couldn’t leave the house, so we battled on the 64 squares online. He was better than me. I hated...

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Jan 10, 2023
A simple tip for better conversations

dill's blogA simple tip for better conversations I’ve been connecting with strangers, coaching people, and staying in touch with friends for years. Here’s what I’ve learned about great conversations. First and foremost, people love to feel important...

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Jan 05, 2023
My 2023 Q1 goals

dill's blogMy 2023 Q1 goals Happy New Year! Like most people, I feel a surge of motivation and ambition when the dates change. And like most people, that intensity tends to fade come February. So this year, I thought I’d try something new: quarterly...

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Jan 03, 2023
10 lessons learned in 2022

dill's blog10 lessons learned in 2022 They are: 1) Labels are limits. We give ourselves disempowering labels and attributes all the time. Here are a few I heard from some of my coaching clients this year: None of these are true. They’re just excuses...

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Dec 28, 2022
My 5 favorite books in 2022

dill's blogMy 5 favorite books in 2022 Here they are… 1) Models: Attract Women Through Honesty By Mark Manson (Goodreads link). This book represents the newer, more wholesome era of dating advice. A decade or two ago, men had pickup artistry: scripts...

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Dec 17, 2022