It's the bandwidth, stupor!

Jun 26, 2020 3:11 pm


Hello Content Creators!

Have you ever gotten through a big project and just been completely brain dead?

Or strung together call after call or meeting after meeting for a couple hours, then just been wiped?

This has happened to me a lot lately. I'm researching brand/media pain points for an upcoming handbook (it's gonna be rad, tell you more later), and have been checking some really big Bikerumor stories and video projects off my list lately. And after a few hours of that, I need a nap. After a few days in a row, I need a day off.


Why does this matter for content marketing?

We need to pace ourselves a bit. Yes, ourselves, but also our content output.

Because, like us, our customers can only take so much.

If you've heard folks advocating for giving People of Color a day or two off last week to process the #BLM activity, same thing.

When there's a lot of heavy stuff, hard work or deep thought processing going on, we simply don't have the mental bandwidth to take more information in. (Which is why I suggest taking a complete media break when you really need to concentrate on a big project!)


Chill, yo.

So, it's important to read the crowd. And read yourself. And know when to chill.

Most days, by 4pm, I'm mentally and emotionally done with work. And I've learned to let myself be OK with that.

Not gonna lie, sometimes a cold beer helps punch that clock for me, but usually it's just recognizing when I'm staring blankly at the screen and knowing I'm no longer doing any content any favors that day, and it's time to step away from the keyboard.

We also have to know when to give our customers a break from the hard sell. We have to know when to be quiet. Then when to speak.

Speaking of...

A recent content project


Brands... media... heck, everyone seems to need to state their position. I say that not to suggest that everyone is doing it just to hop on the bandwagon. I say it because the public has decided that in order to continue to support a brand, they need to know where that brand stands on issues important to them.

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests over the past few weeks, most brands and media outlets have spoken up. Some were criticized for taking too long to do so, others for sounding tone deaf, and others were applauded.

We, as in, my team at Bikerumor, took a while to produce a statement. We weren't being asked for one, but we felt we should show our readers where we stand, how we feel, and what we believe we can do. So, at the end of last week, we published our statement.

The comments suggest we struck the right chords, which is nice. It's not why we did it (because UGH, #virtuesignaling, gross), but it's still nice to hear. I mention this because it's worth seeing all the comments to know that, no matter what, you can't please everyone. And that's OK. Share what you believe in, and the right people will become fans.

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Cool stuff I've found recently:


Need some stuff to blow your mind? These three podcasts have recently rocked my world. I can't recommend them enough to shake up your listening routine!

1. How to spot fake "gurus" - There are a ton of cheesy "experts" out there. I say this fully aware that I'm putting myself out there as a content marketing/strategy expert, but even I can't stand all the "buy my course!!!" ads I see in my social feeds. Jordan Harbinger has been one of my faves for years, and this episode breaks down the framework fake gurus use to lure people into paying big dollars for worthless get rich quick schemes. It's brilliant, and something every teen watching YouTube (so, literally, every teen) should listen to.

2. O. M. G. O. P. - Think you knew Ronald Reagan? Or Nancy? The Dollop is a comedy podcast where two comedians delve into the events and people who have shaped our history. For this two-parter, Patton Oswalt joins them to make light of the apparent tragedy that was Reagan's presidency. Don't agree with me? Listen to Part 1 and Part 2. It's insane. As in, IN. SANE. I'm still shaking my head hours later.

3. What, exactly, is socialism? - Freakonomics is another of my favorites, and with people on either side of the aisle bandying about the term "socialism" with equal parts love and disgust, I found Stephen J. Dubner's ability to tease out the nuances and actual facts about what Socialism is quite delightful. Like everything, there are pros and cons, and (for me, anyway) it's fascinating to imagine how we could take the best of it without losing the energy and enthusiasm that capitalism provides. If only our politicians could be so pragmatic.

Got a great podcast or episode I should hear? Hit reply with the deets!

Make it interesting,


Tyler Benedict

P.S. Fun fact, Joe Versus The Volcano just turned 30. I totally didn't get it when I saw it in theaters. Now I do.

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