It's OK to market in a silo

Jul 04, 2020 2:31 am


Hello Content Creators!

Social media gets a bad rap for reinforcing your existing beliefs by showing you more and more similar content. And if we're being honest, we usually gravitate toward news sources, friends and stories that support our own opinions.

When it comes to being well-rounded individuals, that's bad.

But for your brand, that could be a good thing.

Let me tell you a quick story to explain.

For the past four months, I've been debating someone about the morals, merits & conduct of a certain political candidate. I've presented facts, logic, background, sources, and evidence to support my case.

Didn't matter.

I'd try again, citing more examples, more evidence.

Still didn't matter.


Every time, I was met with a frustrating non rebuttal.

Then, finally, he said something that made it all clear. It didn't matter what I said, he had simply decided those things weren't true to him. They didn't matter to him.

Finally, I understood.

To put it into marketing language, I wasn't ever going to be able to move this person any further down my funnel.

The feature set I was offering was of no interest to him. His current solution was delivering everything he needed. He was perfectly happy in his silo.

Find the silos that will invite you in

In other words, quit wasting time on customers who will probably never become customers. Focus your messaging and efforts on the people who share your point of view.

In most cases, you'll have more than enough business serving the customers who already agree with you, like what you're saying, and enjoy your feature set.

Kevin Kelly calls this your 1000 True Fans. Some businesses will need more. You might need less.

...aaaaand here's the "content marketing" tie in.

There's no sense beating your head against a wall trying to convince someone your product is the right product for them.

And that's the beauty of good, honest content marketing. It'll naturally draw in the types of customers who want you to serve them.

Thanks to those same algorithms that create our biased news feeds, your content (whether video, social, blog or other media) are more likely to find and be found by the people who will want to see it.

Yay, technology.

A recent content project


Excluding drive time, because I was passing by their HQ anyway, this entire video project took me about three hours. It's a complete factory tour of a small-batch cycling component manufacturer in Arkansas, done as a single shoot walk through that required almost no post-production or editing.

So, filming, editing, title graphic, processing, uploading, pulling screenshots for the post, publishing: 3 hours.

It was shot on my iPhone XS Max, using a simple handle attachment and the Rode Wireless Go microphone system. Links to all of my equipment for this shoot listed below.

The point? You could very, very easily create similar videos with your team walking through your brand's factory, test lab, R&D center, new retail store, etc. It literally takes no time at all, and the result is an authentic insider's look behind the curtain. Your customers will love it, and you can easily invite your favorite media in to do their own walk through to post on their site!

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Cool stuff I've found recently:


This setup also works great for selfie videos when you need to ensure crisp, clear dialogue in a noisy environment!

1. Rode Wireless Go - This is one of two wireless mics I use for video projects. The other is from Comica, but the Rode Wireless Go is smaller, and has a built-in mic on the transmitter, so you don't have to use a wired lav mic (though I'd still recommend it when possible). This makes it quicker and easier to use, perfect for those moments when a few minutes of additional setup would kill the vibe. Or you just don't want any wires dangling from the subject.

2. Movo PR-1 Smart Grip - As far as phone handles go, this one's the Cadillac. The handle itself is weighted to help steady it, and it's removable. There are 1/4-20 mounts on top, bottom and back, so you can easily attach it to a tripod and many other accessories. There's even a cold shoe on top for adding a light or shotgun mic! They make quite a few bundles with lights are more, check them out here.

3. TRS to TRRS / Lightning Adapters - You'll need two cables to plug either the Rode into an iPhone. The first is the TRS to TRRS (3 stripe to 4 stripe) adapter, with the gray end going into the Apple Lightning Adapter Cable. I usually just clip the Rode's receiver onto the cable to keep it from flopping around.

Make it interesting,


Tyler Benedict

PS - Happy Fourth of July! Knowing full well I'm sending this late on a Friday and you're probably not seeing it until Monday morning, here's hoping you had a great weekend!

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