Do Foods We Eat Fill A Void Or Feed Our Body?

How do we analyze what is good or bad for us? How do you feel after eating or drinking certain foods? We all have some foods that upset our stomach and our gut. Hurry, hurry, hurry. We do that a lot. Were you calm and able to enjoy the meal? Or upset...

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Mar 23, 2023
Struggling In Life - Do We Rise Up Or Give Up

I've been moving through my own struggles in life. I was living with a lot of swelling and pain in my body, and I've learned a lot. We think we've looked at everything and healer type people are supposed to be perfect and always healthy. Well, gosh,...

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Sep 17, 2022
Judgy Fear Hurts Relationships

We humans are built to connect with each other. Our friends, our family, our associates we work with. Even the people behind the cash register when we're out at stores and in the community. I'm not sure how we can get quickly caught up in judgment.....

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Dec 11, 2021
Clarity In Chatting

The family we're raised in can leave us with a warped view of normal life. When we start to chat in sessions, we're opening up that conversation and letting information flow. Nine times out of ten, we make a leap forward into another file that needs...

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Nov 10, 2021
Faith Or Fear In Our Life

How would we describe our life in general? There is a lot going on. Are we comfortable in our choices, in our views? Is there calmness and peace in our environment? I'm not so sure...

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May 29, 2021
The Value Of Women

So many women have never realized their true value and accepted all that they bring to the table. Often we've been taught, by previous generations or in our family, how useless and worthless we are. Or that our values and our thoughts and our opinion...

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Feb 13, 2021
Loving Animals and Caring For Others

I grew up with animals, I loved them and they were my friends. We always had a cat and dog but around 8 years of age I was thrilled the moment I rode a friend's pony. I asked my father if we could get a pony and he told me if we did, I would be respo...

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Nov 29, 2020
Fall Clean Up and Inner Peace

When you were a child, did you ever get to dive into piles of leaves in Autumn? When I was a kid it was a blast, diving through the air, landing in a huge pile of soft, dry leaves. As Adults we don't find it such a blast because we rake leaves to cle...

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Nov 12, 2020
Functional Hands and Green Tomatoes

Have you ever considered how important it is for your hands to function? Or do you just assume they're going to keep on working exactly as they have? You may be lucky and yours have always worked well, but until recently mine were fine. I learned a l...

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Sep 30, 2020
Commitment In Our Life

What's your level of commitment in life? Do you jump in when you commit to something and are ready to go, ready to see it through? No doubts, no resistance, just "Let's get it done!" or "Let's meet, let's do this!" Or are you a reluctant one?

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Sep 18, 2020