Love Sharing for Will & Sophia

As you may by now know, comprehending the Syntropic Nature of our Human Ecology has allowed me to remain in the awareness that whatever is coming up for me is performing a function with purpose. Knowing full well we are each on this spiraling cyclica...

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Aug 18, 2022
Stepping out. Brave and Willing…

I have a confession to make… For the longest time I have been so reluctant to step out and share openly what really all happened along my lifepath in relation to the indigenous teachings I received and the intrinsic Lifeways of peace that I remembere...

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May 01, 2022
EcoSophy: Crypto & the currencies of Nature

Hold your hands out in the rain, or soak your cells in a bath… you are submerging your cells in the currency of water… The currencies of nature are all around us… I have been asked to facilitate more introduction on this foreign-to-most but known to...

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Dec 13, 2021
A Brave Community Vision

A Brave Community Vision The deeper questions that I have been exploring around community and bringing into being of the new earth have been fruitful in so many ways. And although I am only one voice on my own, I continue to speak and create for the...

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Nov 05, 2021
Syntropy in Communities, a case study

I want to invite you to a very special presentation this Friday Night 9PM EST/ (my) Saturday Morning 9 am Bali time on: Syntropy in Communities. I will be giving it my best and presenting a real case study of the Brave New Life community. What made i...

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Oct 21, 2021
EcoSophy further explained

“As time has flown by us we have been given numerous opportunities to stand still and observe Nature in her primordial natural state. Time and time again we seem to have forgotten how to relate to her, how to ask the question that would open her myst...

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Oct 05, 2021
New Earth & Your Brave New Life

Silky Fantasies of the New Earth.. mmmm…? New Earth is a place within, and although we all feel wonderful about such a New Earth vision, together we benefit asking and exploring the “how” physical communities and sanctuaries for the New Earth really...

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Oct 01, 2021