Closing out 7 years of Souvereign Sharing

Hi there, If you want to follow my journey onwards, consider subscribing here, this likely is one of my last emails wherein I share as I have been . I am moving from online to onland. Securing a safe haven for the future. you can read more here and c...

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Nov 24, 2022
Your nature knowns

“The answer (to questioning programming) can always be known by comprehending syntropy/ human nature/ what is natural/ what feels natural and being present to what doesn’t feel natural. Your nature knowns and if you are a She, you have one advantage,...

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Oct 18, 2022
What is Language other than an expression of Culture?

In studying language, it is very easy to get stuck at the surface level of studying by trying to pick apart words all governed by the same consciousness that was formed through the language applications itself. To me it was only when get to sense and...

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Oct 06, 2022