Instagram LogoWhere does High Energy Judaism come from? You might have come to a few Chabad YJP events, or you might have only spoken to us once, either way, you probably heard about High Energy Judaism. Where did we get that from? Truth is, we didn't come up with the idea. And the secret behind the idea is also the secret of Chabad. The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, was a brilliant scholar, a powerful community organizer, and the leader of Chabad, a movement that has become a household name in the Jewish world. He is the originator of High Energy Judaism. High energy Judaism is an optimistic Judaism filled with love and compassion. High energy Judaism is authentic and firm. High energy Judaism is truly high energy, never resting, always reaching. High energy Judaism sees a mitzvah to be had and charges forth. High energy Judaism says that every person and every place can become an expression of G-d. The Rebbe’s challenge to reach every person, ignite every soul and bring Moshiach is why we started Chabad YJP and the inspiration behind every Chabad House around the world. We both personally met the Rebbe as a child and study his teachings as part of our daily Torah study. Today, Sunday, June 13th, was the anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing, on the 3rd of Tammuz, 1994. As the Rebbe taught us, the life of a righteous person—a tzaddik—is more spiritual than physical. The Rebbe continues to lead and inspire us through his teachings and guidance, to this very day. How to mark this day? Take a page of out of his life and reach out to another and inspire them to do a mitzvah with love. Want something for yourself? Begin to study the daily Rambam study’s cycle which starts tomorrow morning.