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Today is the 14th of Adar 1 - or in other words, Purim Katan, Little Purim.In the concluding gloss of the first book of the Code of Jewish Law, Rabbi Moses Isserlis writes: “There are those who say that one is obligated to increase in...

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Feb 23, 2024
New Moon Circle on Tuesday, February 20th

Dear friend,Please join me for New Moon Circle next Tuesday, February 20th at 7:30. Discussion of Jewish wisdom and dinner will be served. Please rsvp right here questions? Text Mussy 512-799-9319Hope to see you,Mus...

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Feb 12, 2024
High Holidays 5781/2020

As we head into the routine of life here is a wrap up of some of the messages we spoke about over the High Holidays.Remember that G-d loves you more than a parent loves their only child.We need to stick together — -— together with community like the...

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Oct 15, 2020
Vote for Judaism

(Chabad Young Jewish Professionals —Rosh Hashana Sermon 5779 [2018])There is a question that comes up every year as the High Holidays approach, and every year I attempt to answer it. Why are we here?Many people will consider themselves the “once-a-ye...

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Oct 19, 2018