Yeld Action! (Mar. 2021)

Mar 18, 2021 2:50 pm

Hey , ready to jump into the fray?


It's news time once again, so let's begin at the end- of our current kickstarter!


Our Yeld starter set, Mermaid Hunters, reached its funding goal and has been smashing its way through stretch goals! As of this writing, we're only $10 away from the Digital Asset Set goal, which will result in everybody- not just backers!- getting a bunch of digital assets to aid in playing Yeld with folks you can't be in the same room with! Then after that, it's only $750 more until our final goal!

Can we make it in just four more days?! I think that depends on you!


And don't forget! Every person who is backing both our kickstarter and our patreon will get exclusive access to a new friend type- the Cat! Sure, dogs are okay- but who notices when you haven't been hunting much lately and brings you a freshly-caught snack?

You're welcome.

Next, a quick note from Jake- and the winner of February's Monster of the Month contest!


"Hi everyone! We had a lot of great submissions for Feb's MotM. Choosing was hard, but in the end we decided on Hikarizi's Ineptune. Thank you all for entering!"

That's right! This jolly, clumsy fellow is the latest to join Yeld's crew of MotM winners! Check out his entry on our patreon and feel free to add him to your own adventures in Yeld!

This month's brand new bonus content is a doozy! Anyone who feels squeamish about the sight of blood, be prepared!


Late this month we'll be getting the next class-focused expansion- The Soul Thief Guide! Expect new Special Dice, Soul Thief builds, maybe a Mentor and lots of sharp, stabby objects! This content will be free for all our Patreon backers, and available for purchase shortly after. Excited to see more? Keep an eye on our twitter for some sneak peeks!

Finally, to end with a beginning- this month's Monster of the Month contest!


To say that Doctor Monster is many different things to many different people would probably be a true statement. Is he a lover? Most certainly. A fighter? Probably not. An actual doctor? You couldn't prove otherwise. Regardless of how you may feel about him, there will always be one thing you can trust Doctor Monster to do, and that is science!

Some of Doctor Monster's most famous experiments have proven to have lasting effects on the magical land, usually for the worse. Like the time he used a giant lasso to pull the moon out of orbit and flooded Yeld's entire coastline; Or when he created that weird machine that made everyone in Yeld have to poop at the exact same time. Or that time he swapped Yeld's day and night cycle , but only for Bears and sometimes on Holidays. Why do we put up with him anyway?

Your challenge: Write a quest prompt for an Adventure focused around one of Doctor Monster's crazy experiments! Your experiment should be absolutely nuts (just like Doctor Monster) and really challenge the friends to think outside of the box!

Check out our patreon for all the rules!


Finally, we'd just like to thank all of you for all your support- even if you haven't been able to spend a dime on our kickstarter or our patreon, having you here means a lot to us! As time marches ever onwards, we're so happy to have you wonderful folks by our side! See you soon on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and our official Discord server- or even just right here this time next month!

Bye everyone~! <3