The Terrible Price of Science in Yeld! (Apr. 2021)

Apr 29, 2021 1:06 pm

Hey , it's time for SCIENCE!


Before we get into the the midst of our latest experiments, however, let's have a quick update on previous projects!


Did you miss out on our big Mermaid Hunters Starter Set kickstarter? No worries! Our pre-order store is open until May 16th! Click above to order there and you can add any number of goodies to the box set, including the Rank 1 Adventure Set (for extra material to help you continue your adventures after Mermaid Hunters), the Deluxe Action Board to play Yeld on, and all six of the Yeld expansions- separately or bundled together- including our latest, the Soul Thief Guide!

Speaking of...


Already got all our previous books, but want to get your hands on the Soul Thief Guide itself? You're in luck! Both physical and digital copies are now on sale on both DrivethruRPG and our Yeld Store!

Now, it's time to pull the lever...!


Last month's Monster of the Month asked fans to create a quest involving an invention made by the mysterious Doctor Monster! (He's not a real doctor, but he is an actual monster!)

Our winner was Greymalken's quest prompt- Doctor Monster's Mystery Prize Machine! Click above to check out our Patreon post detailing this dastardly machine full of mysterious artifacts from another world!'s our world. That's where the items are from.

But that's not all our wonderful fans and the strange Doctor Monster have in store for you!


Doctor Monster himself- with a little help from Yeld's Patreon supporters!- brings you our latest content pack! Full of weird fourth-wall denting gear that can only be purchased in exchange for favors, as well as a number of Doctor Monster's wacky experiments you can participate in, this new update is available for free to anyone backing our Patreon! Click above to check it out!

Hmm... but does Doctor Monster really put the "Monster" in Monster of the Month? Or could it use something a little more... spooky?


The Ghost World is a weird and creepy place, but every time the Friends visit it becomes a little more familiar. And some ghosts are actually quite friendly! But lately even the toughest ghosts have become a little scared, since a terrifying Ghost Monster has emerged from the deepest and darkest parts of the Ghost World. What kind of ghost scares even other ghosts?!

This Month's Monster of the Month contest is to design a Rank 1 or Rank 2 Ghost Monster Boss! Make it the creepiest, toughest and most fearsome ghost you can imagine! You can include creepy new Special dice or items too! Remember, Ghost Monsters have no Tough dice! Click the picture above to see the rest of the rules on the Patreon post!


That's all for this month's newsletter! We're interested in things- including what you think of Yeld! So please drop by our Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and/or Discord server to say hi and let us know~!

I think we're getting good- but we can handle criticism!*

Seeya next month!

*(Drumset Not Included)