Hi all,First of, thank you to everyone who has been a part of one of our events this year, or swam at our open water venue in Liverpool.Secondly, why not sign up to our free race series to keep up motivation in the darker months?To be completed anyti...

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Nov 21, 2021
Early Notification - 2022 Events

Hi All,Just a quick heads up to let you know that entries are now open for some of our 2022 events.There's now also 2 spaces left on this year's COOL MILE and 5 spaces on DYFI X Trail Marathon (Full & Half).2022 EVENTSThe WELSH 3000s (guided), 21...

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Oct 14, 2021
Autumn Events

Hello!Several spaces have now become available at Aberdovey Swim:25 SEPBeat The Tide 4km (7 spaces)Tafol Tumble 8km (4 spaces)26 SEPThe Dyfi 13km (5 spaces)www.aberdoveyswim.co.ukThere's also some spaces available at: Tal Y Llyn Swimrun - 18 SepDyfi...

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Sep 05, 2021
Events Update - August

Hello!It's been a busy time, and a while since our last update, here's what's coming up for the rest of 2021:14 Aug: Level Water Swim, 1km to 10km21 Aug: Welsh 3000s18 Sep: Tal Y Llyn Swimrun 25 & 26 Sep: Aberdovey Swim, 4km, 8km, 13km02 Oct: Dyf...

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Aug 07, 2021
Events Update - May

Hello people!So events are well and truly back, on land and in water.We've been able to increase spaces to 30 for the Tal Y Llyn Swimrun Experience taking place on 12th June.There's a bigger version of Tal Y Llyn Swimrun on 18th Sep, and a cooler ver...

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May 21, 2021
Decision Making in the Wild

When training for a swimrun, or any outdoor adventure event, you may want to plan interesting routes across challenging terrain, rivers, lakes and ocean. It looks good on paper, but will it be good when you’re actually out there? Are you equipped to...

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Aug 11, 2020
Swimrun Feet

If you’re taking on a swimrun what comes between your skin and your trainers is worth considering carefully. There’s a few choices including neoprene, compression socks, or nothing at all. A good starting point is to just wear what you normally run i...

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Jun 15, 2020

Chris Laughton from Machynlleth, looking like Rocky It was another dry day in lockdown land. The challenge was set, our shortest "Racing Apart" event to date which no doubt produced some sustained sweating.​With a notable lack of Rocky clothing ava...

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Jun 11, 2020
The Dyfi X Virtual Half

Brad from Liverpool runs fancy dress, just for jokes Half Marathon, Racing Apart - 25th AprilTHE HEADLINES1. Chris Mclean (Machynlleth)2. Adrian Pearce (Bridgend)3. Brad Williams (Liverpool)1. Janet Haynes (Cornwall)2. Leanne O'Leary (Liverpool)3....

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May 22, 2020

​10 Miles of Racing Apart on 16th MayThe dry spell continued. The race was said to be virtual, but make no mistake - the sweat was real. ​Entrants lined up from all around the world, from Edinburgh to Essex, Whitley Bay to Cornwall, and South Africa...

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May 19, 2020
Talbot's Rule

The elevation profile of the Malvern Hills Trail Race During the Covid-19 pandemic  virtual running races have become popular. Such races give participants the opportunity to plan and run their own course from their home, running a set horizontal d...

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Apr 26, 2020
The Swimming Agenda

When lock down first started, the media and governing bodies were quick to point out that swimming outdoors was not permitted (article from The Independent) however, these announcements did not stand up to what the original lock down laws stated and...

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Apr 25, 2020
Better Together

The team element is a feature of multi-day adventure racing, it allows race directors to set ridiculous routes One of the joys of swimrun is shared experience, but racing with a partner can be a barrier to participation. Adopted from the adventure...

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Apr 06, 2020
Weather The Storm

The start of The Tafol Tumble, 2019 We, like many, are struggling but we are persevering in this uncertain time.POSTPONEMENTS DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONSAnyone who has entered an event will receive an email (to the email used on sign up) with deta...

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Mar 30, 2020
OTILLO Malta Sprint

After years of preaching about how the team element of swimrun is fundamental to the joy of the sport I figured that I should at least try a solo race so I can back up my argument. And here it was OTILLO Malta Sprint. It was a fast start, so fast in...

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Nov 26, 2019