Instagram LogoIn 2017, I joined a WhatsApp group to learn how to bake gravity defying cakes. It was only a landing group and we were required to make the full payment before we'd be added to the main group were the lectures would be delivered. Two days after I joined, a lot of people had paid and been transferred to the main group but over 150 people were still on the landing group. I wondered how the teacher was going to manage teaching and answering everyone's question in only 2days if even 20 more people eventually joined the class from the landing group. I was still weighing my options when I had a conversation with a friend and she said it was something I could easily learn on YouTube because the class wasn't well organized. So I left the group. Immediately I left, the Admin sent me a DM asking why I left. I explained that I would not have the time to be online during classes, & was going to hold on for a bit and use YouTube. To my utmost surprise she flared up. She let me know she had spent over 250k learning the skills she was teaching for 3k. Then said a lot of things about me not appreciating her sacrifice, how I will regret leaving her group and told me I should never have joined the group because she doesn't need 'people like me' ..yada yada yada. I honestly felt sorry for her. It's been 3years now and I still haven't learned how to bake gravity defying cakes (not a priority). But I'm sure if she had kept the dialogue open, I'd have paid for one of her classes by now. Most likely her small chops class? People, my puff puff game is very weak.? I've always wanted to learn how to make puff puff. ??‍♀️ Somehow I make the best meat pies but puff puff keeps giving me issues. @salomie_pearl makes the best puff puff and is teaching me so any day now?? I'd have easily paid someone to teach me all these years. Quick question: ?????? How do you react when a potential client can't afford your service/ work with you after making an inquiry? Do you leave the door open & let them know you'd love to work with them when they are ready Or You slam the door in their face and tell them "I don't want you either!"
Instagram LogoFinding clients all the time is not fun for anyone. Time you should spend building your career or upgrading your skills can be spent chasing clients and doing everything everyone swears has helped them #getclients. Don’t do it. You’ll burn out. Thankfully, I have never had to find clients for my VA business. They have almost always come to me through word of the mouth referrals. I do my best to maintain a 70% client retention rate because I understand that it is more difficult to sell your services to a new client than an old one. Some people can take on 10clients but if you're a one woman show like me, that means 10different businesses, 10 business owners with 10different personalities you have to work with. Phew...overwhelm will be your friend. Why overwork yourself and burn out when you can work with fewer clients, do only work you love, and still meet your income goals ??‍♀️ . . . . . . Swipe to read how to double your. VA income without signing on a single new client! . . . . . . #therosepreneur #doubleyourmoney #doubleyourincome #freelancevirtualassistant #lessworkmoremoney #virtualassistanttraining #virtualbusinesssupport #virtualassistanttips #virtualassistantinportharcourt #virtualassistantcommunity #virtualassistantinnigeria #virtualassistantcoach #virtualassistant #virtuallearning #virtualassistantsupport #vacoach #enatribe #o#onlinebusinessinnigeria #onlinebusinessmanager #onlineincome #vacoachinnigeria #startavabusiness #vabizsetup #vabusinesssetup #naijava #workfromhomemums #virtualassiatantlife #virtualassistantlifestyle